Mast Brothers Chocolate.

Tasted our first Mast Brothers Chocolate last night… incroyable. My notes:

Sweet battles savory. Dark and gamey, nutty and bitter. It chips like slate and lets off the most satisfying crack between your teeth—think the exact opposite of a Hersey’s bar. I hate Halloween, and I hate Halloween candy, but, if this was handed out, I would gladly wear a costume and work the neighborhood. This includes the hand-made dirty tampon costume that a girl wore to my high school, resulting in her suspension. Continue Reading »

[H&M lace vest + squash blossom necklace + Made with Love bracelets + A Wang tee + J.Crew cords + Joie lace up boots + Gorjana bracelet and pendant.] Continue Reading »

The 2008 vintage at Vista Hills has scored beautifully in the wine press. Jay Miller of the Wine Advocate scored the entire Pinot Noir lineup—7 wines ranging from 88 to 92 points, a stunning accomplishment. The Piedmont Pinot Noir, made from estate fruit under the supervision of winemaker Jim Sanders of La Cadeau, was the 88-point wine, and yes, the lowest scored wine of the lot. My first impulse was to head straight to it. Here is what I thought.

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The Royal Spins

This was the best weekend.

Beer and bluegrass on Friday; wine and turntables on Saturday. I brought a couple of bottles for our host—a gift that paled in comparison to a pile of vintage records, one of which was a commemorative recording of Charles and Diana’s royal wedding. Top that. When mixed with the right beats, the stuffy drone of Archbishop Robert Runcie can infuse energy into any evening.

This morning I was discussing with Carey whether the video I made could be perceived as offensive, but I decided it was too funny to care:

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Put a hood on it.

[Mara Hoffman hooded caftan top + Alice & Olivia leather leggings + Dannijo bag + Sam Edelman booties + Banana jacket + Shopbop hat + YSL ring]

If my potential hoarding tendencies had to manifest themselves in any way, I’d prefer it be the hoarding of Mara Hoffman pieces. This short caftan is so brilliant—the hood is genius, and her prints are always fantastic. I remarked that her past season looked sort of space/tribal influenced; whatever season this baby hailed from was definitely Aztec/Candy Express. I love it.

Did you ever see that documentary where the woman fell in love with bridges, and married one? And waited until the cloak of night to fornicate with it? I don’t love it quite that much.

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[Mara Hoffman silk pants + Sam Edelman boots + ASOS jacket + J.Crew scarf and hat + Motif 56 cuff, Low Luv cuff, Made with Love bracelets + Gorjana pendant.]

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I know it’s Irish, but it makes me think of Scottish. Which makes me think of that road near Saratoga called Scotch Bush road. Which I immediately remarked upon seeing: “That’s what Scottish women have.”

I hope you don’t think I’m some sort of degenerate after my last post, dudes… I was really just always in the wrong place at the wrong time. And when you’re 20, you don’t think about things like walking out the front door of a bar with a beer in your hand. Let that be a lesson to you St. Patty’s Day revelers tonight!

This is how I’m celebrating: green tight pants and a beer. We’re really blowing it out. Continue Reading »

Saturday was a good day. It was a sunny spring-like winter day in Brooklyn, and I just walked. My buddy Matt took me on a 4 mile wine store trek that swung us through Green Point at the midpoint, which is where his favorite wine store, Dandelion Wine, is located. Wine shops in BK aren’t big, but boutique by default, and shelf space is at a premium. It’s interesting to see the styles of wine they choose to stock. One thing is certain: France is big, and Burgundy is the star. Old world reigns supreme, California cult cabs hold little appeal, and Australia is relegated to the suburbs. It was fun to see and I was ready to participate.

I picked up 2 half bottles at Dandelion Wine. A Sancerre Pinot Noir and a Domaine Rollin red Burgundy. Continue Reading »