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[Cream Style Block Island Honey from Littlefield Bee Farm, Block Island, R.I.]

A mainstay in my kitchen cabinets since I was around 9 years old. Gone in every cup of tea so far this winter; comforting in the most sincerest meaning of the word. Ok, I’ll be frank… it’s spent more time on top of microwaveable nuggets, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m such a believer in Littlefield Bee Farm’s honey and its power to summon good feelings, I found a way to incorporate it into our wedding ceremony:

[An ancient Persian wedding ritual in which each person feeds the other honey off their pinkie finger, said with a blessing about sweetness in life.] (more…)


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I am supremely stubborn. If you tell me I’m going to love something, I will resist imminent pleasure before I give in and let you be right. Similar to being in the car with my father (who, according to Rob, I borrow most of my traits from)—when a song comes on and you remark that it’s one of your favorites, he’ll subconsciously switch the station moments later. I’ve wasted years missing out on things until deciding I’d come to my own conclusion about them, and in my own sweet time—sushi, vodka, Macs, Yankee boys, going to bed early…

The Fireplace, though, was one big exception to the rule. (more…)

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Last March, Carey and I happened upon a truly extraordinary restaurant. We were trying to go to Bombers, I recall, but parking was not to be found anywhere on Lark Street. I don’t handle looking for a parking spot very well; within ten minutes of circling my pulse was elevated and I was willing Carey to break the silence just so I could snap. I felt a phantom prickly heat rash inching up my neck. Then I saw McGuire’s—and a sign for valet parking. Change of plans, hunny! (more…)

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[Image courtesy WGACA blog.]


Reblogged via What Goes Around Comes Around (who also happen to make really awesome pants):

Fall officially began a few weeks ago, but this weekend in NYC we were treated to a respite from the cold and wet recessional into Winter. With temperatures in the mid 70s, it was easy to forget that snow boots and heavy coats will be in our near future. The farmer’s markets were still flush with summer produce, and my backyard garden has some peppers and tomatoes ripening on the vine as we speak.

Let’s all enjoy a Pimm’s Cup and some green foliage while we can.

For this you will need the following: (more…)

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[Let’s hear it for our new external flash. I don’t look 75.]

This afternoon I was wheeling my bicycle into the building when a man materialized from inside and held open the door.

Hi, there! Listen, you did great last night—I don’t care what anybody says. I mean… should I even let you in? You look pretty shady!

Nutter. Seriously, I had never seen this man before in my life. I just laughed awkwardly and said “Yup…thanks,” and wheeled my bike in. That’s just sort of ‘how I do’: weirdos are weird, I’m polite to a fault, and one day I’ll probably get abducted by someone offering to check my bike tire pressure with a Twizzler. Live and learn. (more…)

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Well done, Spain! To celebrate, we opened our second-to-last bottle of Pagos de Quintana and whipped up a Burden household favorite, Flamenco Eggs.

Coincidentally, I’m also midway through The Sands of Time by Sidney Sheldon. [If you’ve read it, you know, and are sighing, sort of embarrassed. If not, go get a 99¢ used paperback copy, a huge glass of wine, and call me in the morning.] So it’s like all the little pieces are falling into place: horny, Spanish nuns… throbbing members… Tempranillo… baked eggs… cayenne… World Cup finale… stick with me, people.

This recipe is a great excuse to buy a bunch of cool little personal casserole dishes. Enjoy!


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Flag appetizers.

{Reblogged from Miles to Go.}

It’s the little things:

[Switzerland flag appetizer. For more, check out above linked post from Taylor B.]

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