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Saturday was a good day. It was a sunny spring-like winter day in Brooklyn, and I just walked. My buddy Matt took me on a 4 mile wine store trek that swung us through Green Point at the midpoint, which is where his favorite wine store, Dandelion Wine, is located. Wine shops in BK aren’t big, but boutique by default, and shelf space is at a premium. It’s interesting to see the styles of wine they choose to stock. One thing is certain: France is big, and Burgundy is the star. Old world reigns supreme, California cult cabs hold little appeal, and Australia is relegated to the suburbs. It was fun to see and I was ready to participate.

I picked up 2 half bottles at Dandelion Wine. A Sancerre Pinot Noir and a Domaine Rollin red Burgundy. (more…)


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If you’re not familiar with the story behind these little frames, it all started with a cartoon from Paul Noth that my Aunt cut out of The New Yorker, stuck in a little antique frame to give to me as a gift. It went over quite well, with me of course, and to my surprise, 3 more wine-related cartoons have surfaced since. My collection is growing. I realized I forgot to photograph #3, so as soon as it comes out of storage it will be the first thing I do.

I dare you to come up with an argument.

[“When a wine rates over ninety, this is not alcoholism.” by William Hamilton, Mar. 7, 2011, The New Yorker]


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At 2,640 feet, the site is covered with black, glassy obsidian rock — surely Cabernet country. So, we planted 105 acres of Bordeaux clones on a piece of land that was formerly an abandoned walnut orchard. –Tricycle Wine Co. (more…)

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iPhone Cellar app.

I’m about to wrap up my 3rd day of iPhone ownership, and I am only now discovering the possibilities of cellar and tasting-note management. I’ve joined a few online wine websites over the years, but never managed to stick with it. Inventories quickly became inaccurate due to laziness and wine I drank away from home was usually overlooked for entry. A simple notebook and pen was just easier—something I could carry with me.

Cellar iPhone is my new best friend.

Instant label cropping and uploads, customizable bottles shapes and colors, and drop-down information fields for quick data entry makes cataloging a wine very quick. Organize the wine you own, want, and want to avoid with ease. Check it out here.

[My first 3 entries—one of which is currently almost empty]


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If there was ever a wine that I could really enjoy endorsing to readers, this would be it.

I learned a long time ago, that despite the uncontrollable determinants of grape growing, winemaking is generally in a constant state of improvement. When I first started collecting wine, I was constantly buzzing about after good deals and good wine as if it would elude me and disappear forever; it ultimately made me a bit nuts. Now, I have no interest in hoarding cases of solid $14 Rioja—instead, my search for the next best thing never stops. Rarely do I buy more than 6 bottles of anything anymore. Unless you’re purchasing legendary wine from the most sought-after vineyards in the world, it’s best to keep the wheels turning, let your palate grow and expand; we’re not at the top yet. (more…)

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck. For years I was a bit of a loner so I didn’t have to battle for dinner reservations and overpriced roses, and I never went to Jared. Now, it’s not so bad. I still don’t buy cards, and Carey doesn’t care about chocolate. But when February rolls around, my mouth does start to water at the thought of plumping goose livers and grass-fed beasts. I realized this is a holiday I could truly enjoy, and I can still avoid Build-a-Bears, pajama-grams, heart-shaped anything (most importantly, gold-dipped roses). Basically, any hyphenated gifts. (more…)

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From my tasting notebook:

Intensely colored, smartly polished. Toasty oak? Yes, but expect more—something herbal, something minty, and something sooty. In the nose resides an intense deliciousness. Explosive berries, brown sugar, and chocolate.

Despite my persistent Merlot advocacy, I have scared up some sweet, rotund dogs lately. If this was one of those stinkers, it certainly would be softer—boasting a sweet attack, cushy, poke-able midpalate and flabby, out-of-breath finish. The kind of wine that can stain teeth, jazz a party, and split a head. Thankfully, it doesn’t. We’re safe. (more…)

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