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I heard about Sea of Shoes through Urban Outfitters (the bloggess is doing a brief shoe line for them) and realized I was way behind the curve. She’s got some outrageously large following, and frankly who wouldn’t want to read the blog of a jet-setting teenager traveling from TX to LA to Japan wearing Stella McCartney and Yves St Laurent shoes.

Then I hopped over to her super-hot mom’s blog from there, and this woman is just stunning. I just kind of want to follow her around and try and get some of her style via osmosis. Uh, who leads a life this cool, really? I certainly do not. My eyelid and eyebrow have been twitching uncontrollably all morning; cause unknown but I’m willing to bet it has something to do with excessive computer-screen staring and I blame these kids.

My favorite post of hers so far is this one: NAKKNA–Great Things From Sweden! Did you see that Vena Cava vest?



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