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[All images courtesy fade to black.]

New Year’s resolution #1: work harder to channel Gemma from fade to black. The ease, the groove, the mane.

As a personal style blogger, you can art direct everything in your mind—the look itself, the setting, the photography, the mood, the photo editing—and for a perfectionist like me, hitting this sweet spot doesn’t always happen. It’s usually something regrettable: I’m too coiffed (knee jerk from lifetimes past), too rushed, too serious, or too literal. Milktoast! Yum.

While I can control the writing, photos get lost in translation from my head to the pixels. It’s pretty funny; if we’re rushed or cold—nada. In a perfect world, every photo would happen on the fly during a boho-perfect picnic in a litter-strewn, post-festival field. That sweet spot zone—when a post becomes more than “I’m posting photos of myself in my clothes, do you give a shit yet?” It becomes a story, the outfit just a component. So now you know: I’m a personal style blogger who’s generally anti-personal style blogging. Blasphème!

BUT! By Uncle Jonathan’s corn cob pipe, when I look at Gemma’s posts—the way she throws things together is so effortlessly cool, the soft-focus, and that hair—I’m transported. Inspired. Groovy.

Enough blithering… take a gander:


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Don’t worry; that stupid comment didn’t really get my goat, I just wanted to make a funny. I’m back, and laughing hysterically at the most fantastical blog I’ve seen in ages (found via Idle Fascination, who is also very funny):

The Man Repeller

And these are what she calls “Birth Control Glasses”:

Says TMR of this photo, “Ankle socks, sandals, neons, camel coat, cinnabun, BCGs. She’s likely on the phone explaining to her gynecologist that at the moment, a check up is unnecessary.”

HA! EDIT: I really really want to see if she’s written anything about caftans, the ultimate Man Repellers. I mean, if there’s anything less likely to get you a man, it’s giving a man good cause to believe you might be pregnant. Ha!

If you’re normal, and weren’t raised in a commune, you too have thought from time to time while perusing the Bog of Eternal Fashion Blogs, “This is so ugly, but I’m feeling myself oddly attracted to it—full speed ahead, I need this ugliness on my person NOW.” —what TMR calls a “Lady Boner.” I love how she demystified Paris Fashion Week, a.k.a. The Olympics of Man Repelling.


p.s. I’m so glad I haven’t bought any paper bag trousers. As Liv so aptly put it, “Score one for Team Boyfriend.” I’m sure Rob is glad, too.

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Well, of course I do:

[Image courtesy …love Maegan.]

I can get really ADD with the fashion blogging scene. Some looks that tend to get repeated a lot can be costumey, girlish, and so envelope-pushing, I have to rub my eyes and remember I’m close to 10 years older than most of them. That’s why I love Maegan’s blog—she has a more grown-up style that I can always see myself in.

[Left: ladylike? Yes, please! Right: Majorly inspired by the grey cords in the boots of that height—great for shorter ladies like myself.]

Oh—that, and—she bakes bacon. Marry me.


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…this photo from A Thought Is the Blossom. It makes me want to dress entirely in period clothing, take a trip to Mackinac Island, and recreate Somewhere In Time.


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God, I love great blogs. Inspirational ones that make your day. Escapes from the grind. Glimpses of groovy individuals you kinda really wish you knew. Blogs that make you feel like they put their heart and soul into it and you’re all the better for having read it.

Like Refuses To Label. I may wish was was, and try to be, hope upon hope I were—but these two girls are.

Meet Amy + Alex. We stumbled upon one another serendipitously after the post I wrote about Festival Express. That’s the beauty of the blogging community—you can encourage one another and support each other’s work—and make friends.

True hippies at heart, longtime best friends—they reside in one of my favorite cities in the world, love great music, wear incredible vintage pieces, waste not and want not, and are stunningly beautiful to boot.

Get a monster dose of inspiration and live vicariously through these stylish Northern Cali girls.


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This is one of the most fantastical, inventive blogs out there. Such simple photography boggles my mind with its ability to tell a story with every frame. Her genius use of perspective, tiny props, and simple captions make it feel like you’re actually in the middle of a really cool dream while you’re scrolling through.

[Image courtesy My Milk Toof.]

My Milk Toof - nightmare“Frame that, sucka.”

I can’t stop giggling.



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