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God, I love great blogs. Inspirational ones that make your day. Escapes from the grind. Glimpses of groovy individuals you kinda really wish you knew. Blogs that make you feel like they put their heart and soul into it and you’re all the better for having read it.

Like Refuses To Label. I may wish was was, and try to be, hope upon hope I were—but these two girls are.

Meet Amy + Alex. We stumbled upon one another serendipitously after the post I wrote about Festival Express. That’s the beauty of the blogging community—you can encourage one another and support each other’s work—and make friends.

True hippies at heart, longtime best friends—they reside in one of my favorite cities in the world, love great music, wear incredible vintage pieces, waste not and want not, and are stunningly beautiful to boot.

Get a monster dose of inspiration and live vicariously through these stylish Northern Cali girls.


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No offense in advance to the members of our blogroll, but for the sake of honesty, it’s sort of b.s. It doesn’t include our favorite blog of all time.

See, I get the whole Fashion Blogging and Design Blogging and Take Yourself Seriously Blogging and what not, but really, it’s so much of the same. Whoever can post the same picture first becomes de rigeur for pissing contests. And there is so little room for humor. I mean, you can squeeze it in there, but my heart often aches for the hilarity poured forth on this blog.

I salivate for new posts. It’s the perfect combination of visual and cerebral; of pics and prose; of humor and romance. It’s politically incorrect, it’s irreverent, and I usually laugh so hard my eyes get teary. I’m still not doing it any justice so I’m just going to drop the golden egg:


There it is. The best blog on the Interwebs. You can thank me after you’ve stopped snorting and wondering how you can finagle them into being your friends.


[See, I’m already grandfathered into that category thanks to good old Episcopal High School in Jacksonville, FL. Meghan accompanied me on the aforementioned trip to France, and witnessed the sick Nutella/Carey lovefest firsthand. And Chris, well, he’s that legendary hottie every girl wanted, and she rightfully snagged. Actually, they’re both legendary hotties. So, there you have it. All’s right in the world.]

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I heard about Sea of Shoes through Urban Outfitters (the bloggess is doing a brief shoe line for them) and realized I was way behind the curve. She’s got some outrageously large following, and frankly who wouldn’t want to read the blog of a jet-setting teenager traveling from TX to LA to Japan wearing Stella McCartney and Yves St Laurent shoes.

Then I hopped over to her super-hot mom’s blog from there, and this woman is just stunning. I just kind of want to follow her around and try and get some of her style via osmosis. Uh, who leads a life this cool, really? I certainly do not. My eyelid and eyebrow have been twitching uncontrollably all morning; cause unknown but I’m willing to bet it has something to do with excessive computer-screen staring and I blame these kids.

My favorite post of hers so far is this one: NAKKNA–Great Things From Sweden! Did you see that Vena Cava vest?



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