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[H&M lace vest + squash blossom necklace + Made with Love bracelets + A Wang tee + J.Crew cords + Joie lace up boots + Gorjana bracelet and pendant.] (more…)

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This is something the guys can understand—bare feet, a pair of tight jeans or corduroys, undone hair and a comfy sweater on your lady. Sexy. Add an oversized wine glass holding the last splash of something special, and the photo lights are destined to start warming.

This is my kind of outfit post.


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[Fortunate Sun t-shirt from Red Wolf of Saratoga Springs + Kors boots + Seven jeans I cut off + AF shirt, cologne stank included.]

Sat out in the sunshine on a perfect 72-degree day. Had a couple of beers on Broadway, met up with Radigan, moved on to Cantina for more beers, and one explosive hot sauce encounter that had me reaching blindly with quaking hands for my inhaler, and worse—a glass of water. (more…)

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{Update: I have since purchased a vintage Clue game, but I’m too scared to play it, lest I want to pick through Eli’s boonies for ropes and revolvers.}

Yeah! Look what Rob got me!

[Vintage Chutes and Ladders game… the original version I had as a kid.]

Now watch this and see how our first game went.

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Facebook convo with an amazing woman I used to work with at a baby store, in regards to how far I’ve come in my professional life since:

Really exciting news to come next week. Stay tuned.


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Sidewalk seating is in full effect, and Maestro’s was the place to be last Saturday night. I was so excited for our first outdoor dinner that I even selected our wine from the Maestro’s website before we left the house. I have a tendency to get lost in the pages of those leather bound books, causing a undo amount of stress and performance anxiety while I run processes of elimination through my head, ignoring my pretty wife all the while.

This one was easy though, the 2004 Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains, a slightly old world Cabernet blend with great vegetal notes and a better acidity than you might expect.


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“Fat-bottomed girls, they’ll be riding today / So look out for those beauties, oh yeah / On your marks, get set, go!” [I totally love you for sharing this song, Hamric. Belly laughs coming to you from NY.] (more…)

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Meet Team Corks + Caftans.

With nonstop rounds peaking at 63 back and forths, the team was in top form today, diving for shots and running for backward smashes under a beating sun. Roberto in red, exhibiting some stellar short-shot rebounds; Bearess in blue, reigning in rogue, wild hot potatoes with smooth, sound strokes. The chemistry was palpable; the teamwork like forged steel. (more…)

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[Diane von Furstenberg scarf + Alexander Wang t-shirt + vintage pendant + Linea Pelle belt + old, old tattered stained Rebecca Taylor skirt from eBay.]

This head scarf is about to be my summer staple. And, pardon the generalization, but there’s not a long gypsy skirt on this earth I won’t like. This particular one reminds me of something that happened last weekend. Long-winded digression is 3…2…1…


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“And that right there… that’s your 6-pack rack.”

“Sir, you just sold a bike.”

[My first test drive.]


Meet my new wheels. I work less than a mile from home, so I figured this whole getting-in-and-out-of-the-car nonsense had to cease. And what Florida girl doesn’t have a great cruiser? She’s a beautiful celery green, ideal for commuting, and my new lease on life.

Special thanks to mom and dad for the b-day cash I’ve been holding tightly to for this purchase. So happy I took the plunge. And the people at Blue Sky Bicycles were so helpful and friendly: “Have fun, but just don’t try and pop any huge wheelies or anything.”

No BWI’s either, I promise. Been there, done that.


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Click here to read Carey’s Capitaland Quarterly article

[“Fly me to the moon…”: I just wanted to include this totally irrelevant photo in a post.]

If you were at all interested in my thoughts on small business web marketing and the importance social media for businesses, by all means—take a gander!

If not, you can just enjoy this:

Thanks to Katie for the article, she was very sweet to work with.


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[Vintage caftan + Shopbop Bop Basics t-shirt dress + Kors booties.]

Every otherwise monotonous moment is a chance for hilarity. You can decide to live your life that way (joie de vivre, they call it) or, you can just live with Rob.

Take last night for example, we were listening to music while I was making saffron rice and dribbling on over my shoulder about perceived differences in Eli’s physique. I looked up to see Rob standing next to me, gyrating and twitching completely out of sync with the rhythm. (more…)

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After attending the reading at Lange Vineyards, we drove back down from the Dundee Hills and got to squeeze in a few more hours with new friends. Farm to Fork in Dundee, OR is an outstanding restaurant with a killer wine list and sweet, sweet escargot—boogers of the gods, I say. (more…)

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This one’s for the locals—you brave soldiers of the North country fair.

You know how sometimes you just want to squeeze a kitten so hard, you’re certain you’re going to break its neck? Or, if you’re like me, you find yourself on a Saturday morning telling the clerk at the wine store who’s ringing you up that all you really want is 4-5 perfectly cut bites of filet. Urges. But: ignore his curious stare—sometimes you want a goddamned piece of steer. Pink in the center, mooing softly from its soul. (more…)

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[Banana Republic leather jacket + H&M dress + Kors boots + Gorjana pendant + a mood you don’t want to mess with.]

Like some of the best Pinots in Oregon—bright, not major sexbombs, dealing in grace, texture, and finesse—I tend to agree with a ‘less is more’ aesthetic. Especially when dressing myself. I have a great deal of respect for the world of couture, and the to-the-nines effort of the fashion editrices, but I treat getting dressed like reading a Rorschach inkblot: first instinct is your truth. (more…)

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Rubbing off.

My boss weighs in on the fringed boot trend on this envelope:

Usually his illustrations are wine-related, in keeping with my reputation with that, but I am enjoying this departure a lot. It’s sort of a Eskimo-meets-Abominable Snowman, no? Très chic! (more…)

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[H&M dress + Michael Kors lace-up boots + JCrew glitter tights + Torn by Ronny Kobo vest + F21 cuff + Billy Kirk cuff.] (more…)

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[Rachel Pally convertible bubble dress + Prada boots + Ben Amun dreamcatcher necklace and earrings.]

Dress straight out of my archives marked “must purchase every available Rachel Pally item on ebay in my size.” It was called the bubble dress, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it stay bubbled, so took to letting it drape. Thanks to my trainer, it no longer makes me resemble a lamp shade and, thus, here she is. (more…)

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[Theory Juliet sweater  over J.Crew silk blouse + Current/Elliot shorts + J.Crew knee highs + Golden Goose boots + Citrine by the Stones rain earrings.] (more…)

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[Daughters of the Revolution dress + Mad Bomber rabbit fur hat + Ugg Adirondack boots + Rebecca Taylor sweater + Linea Pelle belt + Gorjana necklace.] (more…)

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[Rachel Pally dress + JCrew cardigan + Rebecca Taylor tights + Pour La Victoire metallic mary janes.]

I was not a model ballerina.

Aside from having the flexibility of a steel beam, you could usually find me gazing at the pianist in the corner providing the delicate music rather than perfecting 6th position. Until it was my turn, I was not paying the slightest bit of attention (except maybe to Damascus, who had the longest neck in history I swear I could stare at it for hours), but was instead watching his fingers dance and meditating on how much I hated flesh-colored tights. (Music. My first love.)


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I was spotting Rob on the bench press today at the gym and kept noticing this rank, powerful cologne floating in the air. I even consciously looked around a few times during his 3 sets, trying to located the steak who had actually put cologne on for the gym. Gross.

It kept hitting me in waves while I was trying to concentrate on Rob below me—when suddenly I remembered something.


Ohhh, right… I pranked Rob by spraying cologne on his belly button when he wasn’t paying attention—with some crap sample I found in the bathroom drawer—while he was gargling with mouthwash earlier.

Ha, ha!

I’m awesome.


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This morning was awesome.

Song #1: Esthero, “Country Livin'”

The first song this a.m. was a beaut—a golden opportunity vowing to make my morning easy-breezy. I couldn’t have picked it better (were I cheating and doing that sort of thing). Esthero is, as far as I’m concerned, the cream of the lounge groove crop. This Canadian songbird has an incredible voice and has dominated my toe-gazing soundtrack for the last 10 years. Her music reminds me of what would be playing 24 hours a day, softly in the background, in a rock star’s love nest.

Two words: maxi dress.

Carey Wodehouse Daughters of the Revolution[Daughters of the Revolution dress + DKNY cozy wrap sweater + Sir Alistair scarf + Prada boots.]


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Let’s talk about taking risks:

1. open containers

2. putting a banana peel in my work trash can on Monday (trash goes out on Friday)

3. asking me to remember what time the flight leaves

4. broccoli the night before I meet with my trainer

5. picking out clothes based on the song that first plays on the ipod shuffle

Seeing as how I’m pretty familiar with 1-4, I figured I’d give 5 a go for the next few days.

Here’s the plan: I’m going to groggily stumble into the bathroom, press play, and whatever comes on, I’m going to let that song inspire my outfit. (But I do get veto power just in case, say, Jay Z’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” comes on.)

[In vino veritas: entertaining Rob by making my own music video at 3 am to K.P. & Envyi’s “Shorty Swing My Way”. Ha!]

Carey Wodehouse music

Wodehouse music video

Music is my first love. I adore it more than fashion. More than wine. It may not get center stage here, but without it I would be muy boring. The interpretations I come up with may be literal, or—like today—just hints of a tribute.

Stay tuned—after lunch, it’s the big unveiling of Shuffle: ON, Day 1!


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[Cool Change linen caftan, found on ebay, and Alkemie chain necklace from shopbop.]

Carey Burden Alkemie necklace

Carey Wodehouse Alkemie necklace

I love this necklace; awesome art deco accents. And the caftan is one of my favorites—it’s really moody and impractical. When I first wore it a few years ago, my dad asked me if I was dressing for my graduation. It’s ok; I’m ahead of my time.

Cool Change black caftan

Cool Change caftan Carey Wodehouse

Wine courtesy Genius Loci. Full belly courtesy Rob and some amazing prosciutto-wrapped melons and peaches. Good mood courtesy Ghostbusters (1&2) on AMC. Always had a crush on Spengler…


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