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…how much I absolutely adore the blog Cucina Nicolina?

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this blog before. I’m such a loyal follower, sometimes I open my Cucina Nicolina RSS feed and just stare at it, hoping a new post will come up.

Reasons why it is awesome:

1. Amazing photographs of delicious food and fresh ingredients make you just want to marry this girl. And none of them look staged, but in fact, often with an abandoned fork, looking as if they were sitting in front of you on a table. Virtual desktop dining, if you will. It’s genius.

Photo courtesy cucina nicolina.

Photo courtesy cucina nicolina.

2. She lives in San Fran, one of my favorite cities in the world. I live vicariously through her, having always wanted to have a sunlit kitchen in an apartment there myself. Subsequently, if I were into girls and I did get the chance to ask for her hand, I wouldn’t be able to in that state (shame on you, Cali). Any tidbits she drops about her apartment, her neighborhood, and life in the Bay Area in general, are delectable morsels.

Marin County, photo courtesy cucina nicolina.

Marin County, photo courtesy cucina nicolina.

3.  Her beautiful writing. She is gifted like Hemingway, with apt descriptions of salty bites and cold Gin & Tonics and sunny afternoons and Sonoma landscape.

Last summer I ate a lot of chard for various reasons — mostly because it’s so damned good you’d be crazy not to but also because it helped smooth out my finicky stomach during a rough patch (break-ups, even if necessary, are usually never easy) when I didn’t feel like eating much of anything at all. These days I still eat a lot of my favorite leafy green but I’m happy to say it’s a more cheerful consumption-of; chard and I, well, I think we’re set for life for better or worse, through thick and thin, until death (or the end of the growing season) do us part and etc.

Read a few posts and I promise you, you’ll feel the same.

[All photos courtesy http://www.cucinanicolina.com.]

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