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Let me just cut right to the chase: we were accosted by a lunatic. In the underwear section. Of Saks Fifth Avenue.

I was aware of what appeared to be some manageable absurdity while I was being rung up for a new bra. (“I don’t know, the underwire seems to have… evaporated,” “Mmhmm, yes, Miss Carey, I sure have had this happen to me before. Now take that old thing off; and don’t worry, I’m a fitter, not a looker.”) I could hear bits and pieces—“I just, I can’t seem to keep my emotions in check, but you are just such a dear, dear girl… someone sent you here to me. A higher power.”


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If you’re someone with a bucket list, put this on it.

837 W. Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607

[Publican’s dining area, with bar seating. You can sit at one of the gorgeous, communal farm tables, or in booths that line the perimeter of the restaurant, complete with shutter doors. Your very own hog stall.] (more…)

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