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So I’m sure by now, you’ve all read the below about my horrible Paypal experience.

On the advice of some great friends and attorneys, I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau of Silicon Valley. Yesterday I saw that my account balance was restored—happy, but still without answers. That was until today. When I received this snotty ass response: (more…)


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Verbal typos 6.

I was helping Rob find vintage t-shirts on ebay. There is some serious crap passing for “vintage” on that site, by the way.

Rob was giving his 2 cents here and there, “…looks a little big,” “…uh, if you like it?” and finally,

Hey hun,… what is rock-a-bility?

rockabilly (noun); c. 1956: popular music marked by features of rock and country.

rockability (noun); c. 2009: the ability to ‘rock’, coolness; as perceived by one without any of the aforementioned.

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Ok, so it’s alright if you read this and think, “Maybe that’s taking it a little far,” but we’ll have to agree to disagree:

Behold my theme song today.

Ok. So you might remember this post I wrote sometime last week bemoaning the overnight stardom of a pair of shoes I need. I made the point that since they were now highlighted on the site, they’d sell out faster. Said a ShopBopian employee who commented on the post:

Sure, it sucks when your fave hidden gem gets outted to the masses, but think of it this way: fads are born of super-cool tastemakers, i.e. you. So get the shoes, wear the shoes, love the shoes, even if everyone else does too. You found them first.

Love your blog!

As pumped as I was that someone from ShopBop actually read C&C, I felt a little stupid and like I needed to pull myself together. It was a little bit whiny… BUT! Sticking to my guns, I decided to stalk ebay for the same pair, just, you know, for backup. And I found the exact pair of P.L.V. “Charlie” oxfords, but in a lovely black patent:


After putting in my bid (for $47!!!! The originals are $226!!!) I went back to ShopBop a couple days later to survey the damage. And guess what?

All sold out except for 2 sizes (neither mine) in gold. Never doubt my shopping instincts—nevah! (Said while swinging sword above head.)

Last night, I won the above for $47.99.

That’s it: I am officially the Princess of eBay. (“Ca-rey, Ca-rey!”) I should go into business for this shizz.


p.s. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m coming down on the old S-Bizzle. They are beyond brilliant and, barring circumstances like the above, I will never stray. You know, just in case they were thinking about asking me to guest-style some shoots or something…

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So I broke the fast and bought two things. But before you go huffing at me like I’m some kind of relapsed addict, there’s a story.

The description said "What trip to the Riviera would be complete without these?" so I had to have them.

The description said "What trip to the Riviera would be complete without these?" so I had to have them.

First, this pair of nylon Elizabeth & James (the Olsen’s line) shorts has been in my shopbop wishlist for 6 or so months. Since it appeared that no one was visiting my wishlist or buying anything off of it, I took matters into my own hands and went to ebay. Ebay and I had a nasty divorce last winter when some unseen shipping charges sent an innocent (albeit drunken) couple of purchases beyond the $200 mark and I had to remove it from my bookmarks bar. But this time, I found the shorts in question for $49.99.

They weren't working with our color scheme.

They weren't working with our color scheme.

But I managed to get them for nothing by selling these old Lilly Pulitzer placemats of my granny’s that have been packed away since I rescued them from her house in a big move a few years back.

Finally got her!

Finally got her!

Then I blew it and got this slightly more expensive Vena Cava chiffon t-shirt from a sale on Gilt Groupe. If you don’t participate in that, e-mail me and I’ll send you a referral. It’s so brilliant.

Time to tighten my belt for School Taxes, Rd. 2.

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And there just isn’t enough of it in clothes once you get past your ballet recital days.

That’s why I’m crazy about my new ebay find, a Rebecca Taylor skirt trimmed in tons of mood-elevating tulle.


"Baby's breath" is the color the tag reads. Aptly named.

"Baby's breath" is the color the tag reads. Aptly named.

If anyone finds something with tulle on it, drop me a line…

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