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[Bensimon sneaks + Elizabeth & James shorts + H&M sweater + WESC headphones + my most beautiful bicycle.]

Even though some dirty Italian dude stopped me at the track yesterday to say, “Where you goin’, Miss America?” these sneaks have got me feeling like quite the carefree French girl.

Moments earlier, I was inside Sanctuary Spa making an appointment for a hot and painful wax when this gorgeous French woman stopped me and said, “Excuse me? You have Bensimon shoes?” “I do! They’re my favorite,” I replied. “You cannot get these in the States!” she said. “These are the shoes of my youth.”

So I exercised my most hospitable Southernliness and took her iPhone, plugged in Shopbop.com, and clicked my heels 3 times.

De rien!


p.s. I can thank Carrie for helping me zero in on this sweater. She got a similar (and cuter) one she wore in this post. Every woman should own 2-3 drapey, oversized grey sweaters. Just sayin’.


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*Disclaimer: there will be absolutely no instances of high heels on tennis courts in this post. But there will be drinking on the courts. Exhale and carry on.

10+ years off the court each. Slippery grips, bruised egos, rusty forehands. A girl with a ferocious competitive spirit—famous for making the smallest of situations a battle to the death—pitted against the most encouraging, patient, good-natured boy on earth.

A recipe for disaster? Broken strings, shattered rackets, bite marks? (more…)

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[dudes. giveaway action. thassright. read on.]

[Elizabeth & James kimono jacket + Seven jeans I cut off + Jeffrey Campbell Sonoma clogs + T by A Wang tank + Robyn Rhodes necklace + Seventh Door sunglasses and leather cuff bracelet—which is hiding under my sleeve, and being given away below!]

It’s pretty bogus that I’ve had this jacket since 2 Christmases ago and have only worn it a handful of times. I think I just like to see it hanging there, and pet it from time to time. But this is the third time I’ve worn it in a week, so consider it resurrected, like Shelley Long in Hello Again! If only I could also resurrect her career…


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[More this is just me looks: Elizabeth & James nylon shorts + Banana leather jkt + J.Crew shirt + Sir Alistair Rai scarf + naked lady backpack, per usual.]

Most days of the week, I go for approachable cool. [These days also tend to illicit the most positive response from Rob. When will girls learn that guys like it when we dress more easygoing?] I work in a pretty cool office and tend to make up my own dress code. Most of all, I have to be able to get on my bike without flashing all of Franklin Square, so there’s that. But dressing to predict the future? Not usually on the docket. (more…)

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[J.Crew eggplant cords + Elizabeth and James top + Andrew Marc fur vest + Kors fringed boots.]

Whenever Rob and I trudge out to the PetSmart to get Eli every packet of his food they have in stock (both for efficiency, and because then we are able take the actual display cases. Looks nice in the cabinet), we also stop in a wine store out there we don’t hit that often. Rob meanders around (this time, coming up with a bottle of Torbreck in hand) while I go to their fridge in the back and secure a tiny split of champagne for the ride home. Mmhmm. (more…)

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[Snake charmer pendant necklace from Twinkle Studio on etsy, $31.]

I have a thing for snake-inspired jewelry. This could be due in part to my long-term love of Sir Hiss, royal advisor and forked-tongue wine lover extraordinaire. In the aforelinked post, I do much to document both my feelings about snake accents and Sir Hiss himself, so it’s no wonder I would snatch up this lovely vintage pendant from local jewelry designer, Twinkle Studio.


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An old favorite started out my beleaguered morning today:

Elizabeth and James blouse[Joie Refugee boots + Elizabeth and James blouse + Current/Elliott shorts + Juicy chain and cuff.]


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