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[Trunk LTD t-shirt + DVF skirt from ages ago + vintage squash blossom necklace + Motif 56 cuff]

I’m not one of those Southerners who claims only my state does BBQ best. Or that only the South does it best, for that matter. I mean, I’m partial to it, and all, but all BBQ is excellent given the person making it puts a little heart in it. [Tell me your state does boiled peanuts better than mine, though, and I’ll drag yer ass to a roadside cart on the interstate halfway from Jville to Gainesville and watch you eat a Ziploc baggie full while mosquitoes eat your hide, then beg you to tell me different.]

But mention BBQ and I’m game, regional loyalties aside. This small aberration in the vast, well-paved parking lot of my Southern superiority complex proved helpful to Roberto, who kindly drove to pick up some dinner—pulled pork in a Mason jar from the roadside Smokin’ Bowls soup stand down the hill:


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After attending the reading at Lange Vineyards, we drove back down from the Dundee Hills and got to squeeze in a few more hours with new friends. Farm to Fork in Dundee, OR is an outstanding restaurant with a killer wine list and sweet, sweet escargot—boogers of the gods, I say. (more…)

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