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[H&M lace vest + squash blossom necklace + Made with Love bracelets + A Wang tee + J.Crew cords + Joie lace up boots + Gorjana bracelet and pendant.] (more…)


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You know that one drinking buddy who was so insanely fun, always ready for a good time, very persuasive, but often left you huddled on the bathroom floor at home wondering if Episcopalians could be allowed into confessional? “Must… repent…

That’s sort of how my relationship worked with Saks, back when we were still together. “Oh, hey baby girl! You lookin’ good! You’ve got no work to do today at this hellhole; why don’t you just pull out that sliver of plastico and send yourself a little gift! Girl, you deserve it. Mmm.”

So boxes showed up weekly. The amazing receptionist there used to call me “Label Ho” and would call me up at my desk. “Label ho. You got another package. FROM SAKS. Want me to open it?”

I remember once when I got my SaksFIRST reward points gift card, which, if my math was correct, would indicate I’d spent an entire year’s salary at the Michigan Avenue location.

Well last night, I relapsed. It was a sale. Sue me.

[Joie refugee boots. CANNOT WAIT.]

joie refugee

I wonder if Rob is reading this right now. Maybe the giant bandage on my thumb and the tetanus shot I just got will render him more sympathetic?


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