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[Zara kimono jacket + Alice and Olivia leather leggings + Sam Edelman boots + Kain t-shirt + vintage squash blossom necklace]

We pass a big farm. Its outbuildings are anchored on a sea of swaying wheat, its white clapboard is molten in the late, hazy light. All three of us, even Carlton, keep quite as we pass. There is something familiar about this place… (more…)

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This kimono over at Spanish Moss Vintage needs to come home with me so I can wear it while I paint still life pictures of Eli sitting next to a bowl of apples, complaining about the melancholy of the west winds. It’s feels like it’s straight out of a Judith Krantz novel. Do I talk about Judith Krantz too much?

[Vintage gardenia kimono, $146 @ Spanish Moss Vintage.]

I wore my Mara Hoffman silk kimono out to dinner in NYC this past weekend. It’s now hanging in shame by the front door waiting to go to the dry cleaners, pock-marked with stains after a night of delirious fun during which my friend may or may not have chomped the hell out of a chicken wing in a bar on 16th, her bites timed to the frantic beats of the deafening techno music. Seriously, picture that in your head; I know the shocked and horrified bartender will be for the rest of her life.


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