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So Rob already posted about the amazing, gut-busting Chili Challenge. But there was a different, more clothing-related aspect to the evening, too: unbeknownst to the attending population of Manchester, VT, I was impersonating Karen from Californication. [A brunette, carnivorous one; the vegetarianism suggestion is just me hazarding a conjecture.]

So: button-up blouse w/ a little pizazz + leather belt + flare jeans + clogs + tan leather jacket + scarf + single pendant necklace. Done. (more…)


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So I went to my first chili cook-off last week.

I ate 25 little cups with varying degrees of spice and meat assemblage including beef, turkey, duck (I think), wild boar, venison, and lamb (I also think). The evening was genius and concluded with a very restless night’s sleep and bubble guts that spilled over into the next day. Was it worth it? Yes! But in retrospect, there was no need for seconds—that was just foolish.

[Many of the finest dining establishments in Manchester brought chili to the contest, held at the Equinox Resort. Local schools, clubs, and organizations made a damn good showing too—especially the kids at the Long Trail School.]


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