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Found my new favorite silhouette for 2011 on Rebecca Taylor’s Fall RTW runway:

{All images courtesy Style.com}

Those sheer pants are fantastic! And I’m snatching up those grey ones the minute I find a pair. Everything about this collection is a vibe I want to get on board recreating.

Love the long tunics over the slim, flowy pants with a statement necklace and a center part; it’s what I’d like to always have on when I open the door to greet guests at a cocktail party. Kind of reminds me of this post(more…)


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The best of both worlds in one night: staying in and going out. Because going out means driving a few yards down the mountain and over a small hill to get beers at Johnny See Saw’s.

Act I. Staying in.

Rob says “I’ll never get another wine glass,” referring to these Oregon Pinot Noir glasses I got him for Christmas. They are fantastic, by the way.

I was late coming back from Saratoga, where I went to do fun things like return the cable box, deposit checks, mail some things, visit the office for a few hours, and seek out the source a funkdified smell coming from our (empty?) home. Super. Rob met me at the door with a glass of wine and we parked by the fire so I could unwind after an hour+ behind the high beams. (more…)

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[Diane von Furstenberg scarf + Alexander Wang t-shirt + vintage pendant + Linea Pelle belt + old, old tattered stained Rebecca Taylor skirt from eBay.]

This head scarf is about to be my summer staple. And, pardon the generalization, but there’s not a long gypsy skirt on this earth I won’t like. This particular one reminds me of something that happened last weekend. Long-winded digression is 3…2…1…


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[LaRok dress + Andrew Marc vest + Mad Bomber hat + DKNY cozy wrap + Rebecca Taylor tights + Ugg Adirondack boots] (more…)

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‘Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid.’ Goethe said that. It’s not too late for you to become a person of substance, Russell.

[Rozae Nichols skirt + Rebecca Taylor sweater + Trunk LTD Doors t-shirt + Linea Pelle belt + Ugg Adirondack boots + vintage bib necklace.]

Meet my favorite skirt. Skirt, meet C+C!

This is the most ethereal piece of clothing ever created. I stalked it one summer at the boutique where I worked until it went all the way down to 75% off… and I snatched it. I’ve worn it as a dress, as a skirt, with heels, with flip flops, with silk tops, and jean jackets. Suffices to say when I move to a new place, I happily note that I’ve got another handful of opportunities to wear it into the ground. (more…)

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[Rebecca Taylor silk dress and tights + Andrew Marc fur vest + Sir Alistair Rai scarf + Joie Refugee boots + J.Crew cardigan.] (more…)

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[Burberry silk skirt + Burberry booties + Rebecca Taylor tights + Gap v-neck tee  b/c A. Wang was in the wash + Juicy cuff + J.Crew necklace.]

Sometimes when I’m looking through pictures we’ve taken for a post, I notice they are either really about the outfit, or really about the mood I’m in while I’m wearing it. Inevitably, no matter which direction it goes, I wish it’d gone the other way. I think—what do they care how moody I am? They’re here to see the skirt. Or—who cares what you’re wearing and who it’s by, if it’s not about the person who’s in it. With so many personal style blogs out there, it’s hard not to get pulled in a few different directions. (more…)

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