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[Vintage caftan + Jessica Simpson Dany platforms.]

I’m a fan of unexpected windfalls.

Like how I recently received an email from the parent company of the agency that unceremoniously laid me off after our honeymoon. (Was this… over a year ago now? And I’m still this bitter? That’s pretty awesome. Way to be tenacious, Hizz!) The email stated they had done “extensive research” and wanted to interview me for a position as copywriter. Really? Research? Did you uncover anything about that fiasco in the early stages of my unemployment where I talked a bunch of jive about you on Facebook and got in trouble for exercising my free speech? (I haven’t responded to the email from HR yet. I like looking at it in my inbox too much. I believe this is what they call “comeuppance.”) (more…)

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I’m a little dumbfounded, and definitely at a loss for words…

[Uh, are those pictures of me? On their blog?!]

I won the beautiful caftan from Alex and Amy’s giveaway on Refuses to Label, one of my absolute favorite blogs. I don’t know how to begin saying thanks—I’m still trying to figure out what well of kindness they drew from to give away such a beautiful piece. Oh, and I cannot wait to wear this and splash it all over C+C. (more…)

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God, I love great blogs. Inspirational ones that make your day. Escapes from the grind. Glimpses of groovy individuals you kinda really wish you knew. Blogs that make you feel like they put their heart and soul into it and you’re all the better for having read it.

Like Refuses To Label. I may wish was was, and try to be, hope upon hope I were—but these two girls are.

Meet Amy + Alex. We stumbled upon one another serendipitously after the post I wrote about Festival Express. That’s the beauty of the blogging community—you can encourage one another and support each other’s work—and make friends.

True hippies at heart, longtime best friends—they reside in one of my favorite cities in the world, love great music, wear incredible vintage pieces, waste not and want not, and are stunningly beautiful to boot.

Get a monster dose of inspiration and live vicariously through these stylish Northern Cali girls.


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