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The best of both worlds in one night: staying in and going out. Because going out means driving a few yards down the mountain and over a small hill to get beers at Johnny See Saw’s.

Act I. Staying in.

Rob says “I’ll never get another wine glass,” referring to these Oregon Pinot Noir glasses I got him for Christmas. They are fantastic, by the way.

I was late coming back from Saratoga, where I went to do fun things like return the cable box, deposit checks, mail some things, visit the office for a few hours, and seek out the source a funkdified smell coming from our (empty?) home. Super. Rob met me at the door with a glass of wine and we parked by the fire so I could unwind after an hour+ behind the high beams. (more…)


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Riedel didn’t seek the help of California Pinot Noir vintners when this outstanding glass was produced a number of years ago; in fact, it was the Oregonian vintners that curried favor. The result was this monolithic glass—in every tasting room we had the privilege of entering on our trip last year.

A monster bowl for swirling, a tapered rim that creates the perfect chimney action for sniffs, the thinnest of crystal for a great mouthfeel, exceptional balance, and the best part: it’s American wine that inspired it. How we went this long without them, I don’t know, but when I arrived home from work today my very own set was waiting for me—a Christmas present from Carey that had been delayed en route (or perhaps delayed in ordering). Either way, I’m thrilled to pour something into ’em. (more…)

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[Zara poncho + H&M elephant necklace + H&M bangles + Jeffrey Campbell clogs + Riedel stemware.]

This beauty came all the way from Chicago. [“Sheee-cah-go! Sheee-cah-go!” so sings my Broadway-vet grandmother. She also wears Minnetonka mocs. More on her another time.] In your head, I want you to imagine a little dot moving down Michigan Avenue, into a FedEx store, then the red dotted line that arcs up over the country from Chicago to Albany, then another little dotted line (courtesy my friend the FedEx man, holla) and onto my doorstep where Eli prompty bit holes in the box and pushed it off the counter. (more…)

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[If you dig these AJ Morgan sunnies from Seventh Door, go get ’em and get 15% off with code ‘corksandcaftans’.]

[Gryphon metal sequin mini skirt + T by A Wang + Burberry slings + Seventh Door sunglasses.]

Thanks to the complete, trans-inducing hotness over at fadetoblack (in particular, this post, meow), I found these awesome sunglasses that are making me love all of my clothes again. I’ll take her hair, too. (more…)

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[Riedel Pink Rosé stemware, courtesy One Kings Lane.]

Riedel Pink Rose






Extremely relevant post re: Rosé wine

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