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A few things:

Tell me you see the -17 dealio right there. Oh, and Monday looks like a good day to try out my new assless pants. (more…)


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[Fortunate Sun t-shirt from Red Wolf of Saratoga Springs + Kors boots + Seven jeans I cut off + AF shirt, cologne stank included.]

Sat out in the sunshine on a perfect 72-degree day. Had a couple of beers on Broadway, met up with Radigan, moved on to Cantina for more beers, and one explosive hot sauce encounter that had me reaching blindly with quaking hands for my inhaler, and worse—a glass of water. (more…)

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Sometimes, we just need to get out of the house, go to a bar—look at each other over a table.

Honestly, it’s that simple. Remove the regular comforts (trappings) of home—the news playing idly in the background, magazines, books, open laptops, Eli. We don’t go out for the reasons most people go out; we’re actually less busy when we’re out than when we stay at home. Whoever said marriage is hard obviously doesn’t like draft beer. (more…)

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[Circus Boy served in our patented hankie-rubberband cozies.]

Hangover, you say? Let’s review the evidence as was gathered at Gaffney’s somewhere in the vicinity of 12:30AM:


We keep seeing the hot sauce-stained paper plate from Esperanto in the trashcan and getting huge pangs of guilt. Meh, it’s track season.


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We stopped in the car show at SPAC on Saturday, on the way to soak off our hangovers in the Victoria Pool. I love vintage cars more than I could ever love any piece of vintage clothing, so it was a welcome detour.

Saw a few dream cars:

[Who can resist a classic Mercer.]

[A long-body Citroen, for all you Francophiles. “It’s not a car… it’s a beautiful abomination!”]

Rob and I have noticed a bit of a chain reaction with our wine-drinking. We sip a few glasses, get rosy-cheeked, and then we search the Internet for old Citroens. It’s our dream to one day consolidate our wheels to include an old 2CV. This 1956 one lives in my Bookmarks for now: classically beautiful, perfect for sandy beach feet, and they can live through a horizontal roll. (more…)

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One new thing each week. That’s what Carey and I decided this summer.

After living in Saratoga for almost 4 years, and realizing all this town has to offer that we haven’t taken advantage of, it was time to get moving. We went to the Saratoga Springs Victoria Pool this weekend, and in the process found a classic foreign car show. At the pool we fought for a pair of lounge chairs, people watched, swam, had a pool-side lunch, and overall, felt very European amidst the marble columns and fellow bathers—I almost felt like getting nakers and applying zinc oxide to my lips.


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Our first concert by bike! I was hesitant at first, as I am with most new ideas, but I rolled a pant leg and bid my nonsense worrying adieu. Off we went.

Quicker than by car, and certainly more fun—it was cool enough that I didn’t get a sweaty butt (an initial worry, while we’re on the subject of worries).

Refreshments abound:

The first time the GGD’s came to Saratoga, I was extending my stay down in Florida getting to know Carey. We were sitting in a Mexican restaurant in St. Augustine looking at cell phone pictures sent to us by friends who’d gone ahead to the show without me. Since then, they’ve come back to SPAC every summer and we have not missed a show. (more…)

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