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Concha belt.

{Images courtesy Sea of Shoes.}

I want a concha belt. Bad.

But I want one in a special, realistic way—like little girls want unicorns or Barbie-sized body proportions.


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Who cares about a constant stream of boogs from your left nostril when you see these nuggets on a Monday morning:

[Photos courtesy Sea of Shoes.]

[Most magical garment. Ever.]

Jane, you minx. (more…)

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I’m frenzied today.

Loving Jane’s new post of photos from her trip to NYC. As much as I lingered on the shots of the ankles down (obvi), there was one gem of a shot showing off the loft they stay in while they’re in the Glitty:

Photo courtesy J. Aldridge at Sea of Shoes.

Photo courtesy J. Aldridge at Sea of Shoes.

Design*Sponge, eat your heart out.

[Jane’s killer mom in some Marni booties.]

Sea of Shoes Marni booties

To see more, go here.


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Today is pretty groovy. The week is halfway over and Rob and I are opting out of any alcoholic beverages tonight. Thank Buddha.

As of right now: I’ve laughed hysterically at this video, have been listening to this song, ate an insane Subway sandwich at lunch with Rob, am wearing this, and chortling about comments on the Sea of Shoes blog (“It must be nice to be insanely rich and a teenager. Yes, I am jealous of you; I’ll admit it. I wish I could prance around during the school year and summers in $1000 shoes and have someone take pictures of me”).

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I heard about Sea of Shoes through Urban Outfitters (the bloggess is doing a brief shoe line for them) and realized I was way behind the curve. She’s got some outrageously large following, and frankly who wouldn’t want to read the blog of a jet-setting teenager traveling from TX to LA to Japan wearing Stella McCartney and Yves St Laurent shoes.

Then I hopped over to her super-hot mom’s blog from there, and this woman is just stunning. I just kind of want to follow her around and try and get some of her style via osmosis. Uh, who leads a life this cool, really? I certainly do not. My eyelid and eyebrow have been twitching uncontrollably all morning; cause unknown but I’m willing to bet it has something to do with excessive computer-screen staring and I blame these kids.

My favorite post of hers so far is this one: NAKKNA–Great Things From Sweden! Did you see that Vena Cava vest?



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