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When short suits aren’t [still] putting a totally fresh spin on casual, smart dressing or giving me an excuse to wear shorts almost 7 days a week, they are probably tossing ninja stars into people’s necks or chopping heads off. That’s how badass they are.

Check out a million ways to wear this flying, stabbing combination on Shopbop.


p.s. For more on ninjas, kick it back to 2003 and check out this site to get scared and/or pumped-scared.
p.p.s. If you didn’t already know, I’m a fan of this shorts suit look. This was a favorite iteration. But I also did it here, here, here, here… and here, and here.


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[More this is just me looks: Elizabeth & James nylon shorts + Banana leather jkt + J.Crew shirt + Sir Alistair Rai scarf + naked lady backpack, per usual.]

Most days of the week, I go for approachable cool. [These days also tend to illicit the most positive response from Rob. When will girls learn that guys like it when we dress more easygoing?] I work in a pretty cool office and tend to make up my own dress code. Most of all, I have to be able to get on my bike without flashing all of Franklin Square, so there’s that. But dressing to predict the future? Not usually on the docket. (more…)

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In case y’all missed it, I had a groovy set of quotes in the Wall Street Journal earlier this spring on the subject of leather shorts. You’re right in finding that kind of hilarious—the WSJ and leather drawers. But I suppose my preferences for knickers doesn’t stop there. I’m glad (and sad) that I removed one line from the above Q&A at ShopBop—conducted by my favorite ShopBop master curator of cool, Amie. She asked for 5 reasons why she should go for shorts rather than skirts and dresses and one original was:

You can sing Ron Burgundy’s “Scotch, scotch, scotch” song, but substitute the word “shorts” for “scotch.” Shorts, shorts, shorts—I love shorts!

Other than that, have you figured out yet that I’m totally obsessed with shorts? A man in our elevator the other day was looking at me funny, then said, “I hope we get the weather that you’re dressed for,” to which I replied, “Toughen up. Once it’s over 45, I’m in shorts. And I’m from Florida.”

Wimpy Yankees! Hope you like the Q&A. If you haven’t yet, check out all the What Goes Around Comes Around stuff they’ve got right now. I just bought an amazing pair of tribal print pants I’ll be wearing all summer.


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If you were to say I have a full-blown shorts addiction, J.Crew is my methadone clinic. I seriously cannot get enough—I’m verging on 40+ pairs currently, even living in a place that cuts my shorts-wearing capabilities by about 6 months/year. I am too exhausted from my trainer kicking my a*$ to get into it now, but you can brush up on your history of my shorts obsession here.

[J.Crew Sequined chino shorts, $198.]


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Loeffler Randall silk shorts[Loeffler Randall silk tulip shorts, Saks.com.]

Growing up in Florida and other humid environments, I’ve been quoted saying I found jeans to be claustrophobic. This has not changed living in a place where the temperature hovers around 11° for 2 months. You are who you are.

 Loeffler Randall silk shorts[In Loeffler Randall silk slouch shorts, August 2009.]

I’ve had a long and torrid love affair with shorts. I lived in them until about age 7 when we moved away from Ponte Vedra Beach and all my fellow jellie-wearing, dress code-naïve buddies. Day 1 at my all girls’ prep school in Richmond, VA began with a cluster of girls pointing and laughing at my culottes. Who knew second graders were so aware of cuts and hemlines? Diff•er•ent (adj.) = wearing the wrong clothes in a really uptight environment.

Current Elliott denim shorts[I have lived in these Current/Elliott shorts all summer.]

Breeches. Knickerbockers. “Knee pants.” Bermuda shorts. They go a long way back. We have Scottish kilts to thank for their birth, British sportsmen to thank for their development, and little English schoolboys to applaud for their rise to fame. After WWI, the practicality of shorts for troops’ heat relief was undeniable, and thanks to some tennis stars, they weren’t so taboo anymore. Butch Patrick pretty much took them to legendary status.

Now, there are short suits for women—beautifully tailored summer silks and cottons, seersucker and linen. They are staples when they’re done right.

Current Elliott roll shorts[Told ya.]

When it gets to be above 50° up here in the sticks, I wear shorts to the office. I’ve worn the same pair of shorts with t-shirts on my dad’s boat as I have with Gucci slingbacks and a Burberry trenchcoat on 5th Avenue.  I’m not sure if this is inventive or just lazy.

Basically, I love shorts unconditionally. I will push and stretch them to work whenever and wherever I can.

Rebecca Taylor shorts tiger[Rebecca Taylor shorts at my cousin Lindsay’s rehearsal dinner.]


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Whipped out one half of a great Diane von Furstenberg outfit today; a kelly green silk shorts and top get-up. The top is so voluminous, though, that I tend to prefer it broken apart from its matching green silk shorts.

I wore it with JCrew white shorts, white Prada heels with orange stitching, a JCrew bangle, and a smile…

DSC00327DSC00330DSC00332DSC00335We’re off to the NYC Ballet performance at SPAC, but I’m changing out of the silk; it’s pouring outside!

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So… I did it! Bygones out the butt, and I think I did alright, everything said and done. Considering I had way more going on this week than usual occupying my cranial space, this was doubly challenging and even more rewarding. Go me.

Carey Wodehouse

My proud English profile; or so Rob says. Cheerio!

Made Her Think skull ring

Carey Wodehouse

Kors fringe boots

I got on the old clothes train and I rode it into town! Maybe it was a trolley; I can’t be sure. I’m pretty drunk. (Just kidding…)

So, that wasn’t so bad. It was just a little frustrating here and there. I certainly never expected to get so many photographs out of my old things, order a pair of Jimmy Choos, and then return them, in the process. Phew!

old trolley

Carey Wodehouse

The end here was about learning to repurpose. These shorts have been with me for 6 years; I will never, ever consider them a bygone. I rely on them too much. But more obscure would be the tank top underneath (Katayone Adeli). It’s been something that took up space for the last 8 years or so; after seeing that I could use it as a layering option, well, I’m in love with it again.

Carey Wodehouse Burden

Carey WodehouseYou know, I have to say I’ve been pretty good at hanging on to some things in the event that this might happen. And in this case, it just took the right equation to bring it back to life. I love this shawl, too, but rarely get a chance to wear it. It’s all hand-stitched wool yarn and it came from Anthropologie. I feel like Noah’s Ark when I’m wearing it.

Carey Wodehouse 11

Chances are you recognize these boots… I got them for my birthday back in February. Well, even despite the 85-degree temperature and rainy humidity, they were totally doable. Man, I missed the way the fringe feels when you walk.

Carey Wodehouse

old trolley brake lock

Here’s the point. This day—day 6—was the day I’ve been most true to myself. These shots—these are me. This is my kind of get-up. Nothing about this isn’t authentic Hizzle.


 Carey Wodehouse

Does this mean I’ll only ever get it right in grubby, ripstop cargo shorts? Maybe. At this point, it’s Friday night and tomorrow I can put on whatever I want, and frankly, I’ve got a belly full of sushi and wine and no ‘splainin’ left to do.

Thanks for coming with me on this journey. It was fun, and informative. And I hope you noticed never once did I used that stupid, dreaded term: recession chic. Because guess what: it may not be here to stay, but an excuse to love things that have aged a little should never cease to exist. The same goes for women—cars—music—cats—movies—wine

… you get the point.

broken glasses

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