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How I’m dressing this fall, head to toe: Ralph Lauren’s “bohemian gypsy” looks from the Fall 2010 show knocked my proverbial beanie off. Turtlenecks under long dresses? (See: Vena Cava.) Genius. It’s like Candice Bergen-cum-Stevie Nicks, who coincidentally was the soundtrack to this show.

[All images courtesy style.com]



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If you’re like me and you find the fashion world somewhat mystifying (beyond the obvious intimacies acquired in retail venues) and definitely intimidating, you’ll surely find these pictures dreamy like I did. Thanks to MTV and films like Prèt À Porter and September Issue, it’s become easier to feel familiar with behind-the-scenes modelinia and diva designers.

A little taste of some fashion week backstage business for the Vena Cava girls, Sophie Buhal and Lisa Mayock.

Vena Cava Show 9_10_09_7023

I dig these girls, man. I dig their work, their vibe, their blog, their style, their haircuts… and after perusing this post about their day spent casting for the Vena Cava fashion week show/the photo shoot for their Lookbook, I’m convinced were I a model—I would be substantially intimidated by the designers themselves. Talented and gorgeous? That just scratches the surface.

[Via the VIVA VENA CAVA blog.]

Vena Cava lookbook shoot

[The designers on the flanks, watching some models walk.]

Vena Cava Sophie Buhal Lisa Mayock

Vena Cava designers

For more:


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There are few things I love more than a sausage on a string.

DSC09139So when Rob picked me up from work and drove us to Roma’s for some dinner stuff (prosciutto, mozzarella, bread, roasted red peppers), he grabbed one for me. This isn’t a frequent thing because I tend to go through these in a matter of days. I was peering through the windshield, in the car in the pouring rain, waiting to see his grey hoodie appear. All of a sudden I saw him, brown bag in hand, a flash of shiny white teeth in the window. He paused for suspense, then jerked up his arm to show a dangling saucisson. I jumped in the seat and clapped my hands.


I love how well he knows me. I mean, he knows there isn’t a day I wouldn’t love to get a pair of earrings or a scarf or a catsuit, but he also knows he’s going to get a much more rewarding reaction from me via a boxed set of Perrier-Jouët (with matching etched glasses) or a hand-picked bottle of Rosé or a hunk of dried sausage on a string. Smart boy.

Anyway, I think the best gifts are the ones you can enjoy together.

DSC09138[p.s. how cool is the Vena Cava chiffon t-shirt? I’m in love.]

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It’s a 4-day work week! I didn’t even realize. So far this morning is peachy (despite a looming black cloud) for the following reasons:

1. This new Thermos travel mug with the detachable cup on top (always wanted one of those) is awesome. My coffee is still piping hot well into the afternoon. Another dandy excuse to be completely cracked out on coffee for large portions of the day. As Murph once aptly put it, from the back seat of the car as we were driving into NYC after stopping at Ho Ho Kus Bagels, “Y’all, I am high on coffee right now.” Actually, she more shouted it. It was brilliant.

p94609b2. I’m wearing my new Vena Cava Demon Blouse. It is killer; way more so in person than I thought it would be. Rob was reading to me from the script print while I was applying mascara this morning: “Sphinx. Amulet. Lucifer.” Uh, yes please. And: back off, bitches!


3. I’ve got a load of RSS feeds full of delicious reads. See new additions to the blogroll to the right… insanity.

4. It’s only Tuesday; but if Thursday is Friday, it’s really Wednesday.

5. Chianti is now offering their menu to order for take out! I’m astonished, but delighted, and most likely going to be suggesting beef carpaccio with gorgonzola fondue and truffle oil every night for dinner. Must rethink this YMCA membership thingy. [p.s. Shannon-Rose is redesigning this web site. Stay tuned for greatness.]

6. Casey is coming this weekend! Assuming he can stomach Eli for the duration (fondly renamed Toxo), and I don’t volunteer myself for anymore Skidmore Flip Cup competitions at The Tin & Lint, it should be a great time.

7. This list is long. My new catsuit came in the mail and I’m whipping up something fantastic to wear tomorrow. Rob said: “I can’t wait to see how you wear it, and do ballet [bah·lette] through the living room.”

You'll have to trust me on this one.

You'll have to trust me on this one.

8. No headache after last night’s shenanigans…

9. Eavesdropping on a conversation going on downstairs about dingleberries.

10. Daydreaming about a weekend trip to Block Island, one of my favorite places in the world.



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So I broke the fast and bought two things. But before you go huffing at me like I’m some kind of relapsed addict, there’s a story.

The description said "What trip to the Riviera would be complete without these?" so I had to have them.

The description said "What trip to the Riviera would be complete without these?" so I had to have them.

First, this pair of nylon Elizabeth & James (the Olsen’s line) shorts has been in my shopbop wishlist for 6 or so months. Since it appeared that no one was visiting my wishlist or buying anything off of it, I took matters into my own hands and went to ebay. Ebay and I had a nasty divorce last winter when some unseen shipping charges sent an innocent (albeit drunken) couple of purchases beyond the $200 mark and I had to remove it from my bookmarks bar. But this time, I found the shorts in question for $49.99.

They weren't working with our color scheme.

They weren't working with our color scheme.

But I managed to get them for nothing by selling these old Lilly Pulitzer placemats of my granny’s that have been packed away since I rescued them from her house in a big move a few years back.

Finally got her!

Finally got her!

Then I blew it and got this slightly more expensive Vena Cava chiffon t-shirt from a sale on Gilt Groupe. If you don’t participate in that, e-mail me and I’ll send you a referral. It’s so brilliant.

Time to tighten my belt for School Taxes, Rd. 2.

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[Update: they have a blog now, and it happens to be my favorite of all—see blogroll to the right. They are a twisted, radical couple of girls who don’t give a s**t what you think!]

Vena Cava (not the anatomical variety) is a stellar line of really creative pieces I first found a couple years ago, but have seen featured with increasing frequency over the last year or so. The line is so lovely… really subtle, lots of details and hand-painting, and a feel that makes it seem like everything was pulled from obscurity in the racks of a second-hand store, but with a quality that imparts serious sophistication. It is not without surprises.


The designers are originally from SoCal, went to Parson’s together, and started the line back in ’03 in their Brooklyn apartment. There’s definitely that duality in their designs, too; on the same page there are ladylike a-line skirts next to printed rompers. I love their Web site (www.venacavanyc.com) because you get a great glimpse of all the looks, plus you can scroll through some images that served as the designers’ muses.

Right now I’m dying for the Demon Blouse [update: I totally got it! See me wearing it here.], a white silk chiffon t-shirt with lots of tiny words written on it, and the King Tut shorts, chiffon deconstructed high-waisted shorts with a fluttery hem. The leather leggings are beyond incredible, too.

Vena Cava's Demon Blouse ($253) and leather pants ($909).
Vena Cava’s Demon Blouse ($253) and leather pants ($909).
King Tut shorts ($276).

King Tut shorts ($276).

Vena Cava is available at Barney’s and Barney’s Co-Ops, various boutiques nationwide, and a few of my online favorites, www.shopbop.com and www.revolveclothing.com, among others. Check out the Web site for details.

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