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The power flickered, but held. The birches bent—like some stupid poem—and the windows glazed. The morning was beautiful and with a blue sky and a little salt on the roads, the storm was over. All was well, and lovely. But all was not well, and had I known that the same storm had killed my cousin’s best friend, I wouldn’t have taken a single picture.

I only met George once and briefly, so I can’t speak of him personally, but 19 is far too young, and he was loved very much by his friends and family.



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This may seem like a little photo overkill for a post about a soup place (without any photos of the soup, to boot), but for someone who has a tremor, I’m super proud of these:

Smokin’ Bowls: the lazy wife’s savior during a blizzard.

Shoot the moose if I’m not tired of telling you about the weather, but on this particular night, after hitting Rob with a “no food in the fridge, dude,” just when he’d managed to pull into the driveway after 7, tire-spinning attempts, our options were indeed limited by the drama of the snow.

Pfff—of course. Our favorite hashish-humored soup shack. (more…)

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The best of both worlds in one night: staying in and going out. Because going out means driving a few yards down the mountain and over a small hill to get beers at Johnny See Saw’s.

Act I. Staying in.

Rob says “I’ll never get another wine glass,” referring to these Oregon Pinot Noir glasses I got him for Christmas. They are fantastic, by the way.

I was late coming back from Saratoga, where I went to do fun things like return the cable box, deposit checks, mail some things, visit the office for a few hours, and seek out the source a funkdified smell coming from our (empty?) home. Super. Rob met me at the door with a glass of wine and we parked by the fire so I could unwind after an hour+ behind the high beams. (more…)

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So I came about this close to losing it today. Can’t say what triggered it—low blood sugar or the bottling up and distraction from all the stress of the move—but there I was, pouring my second cup of coffee in an empty house, glitter snow swirling around the windows like mica… and my chin started to dance. (more…)

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Scenes from a new life.

Apologies for the prolonged absence, my wine-loving compadres. We have a multitude of excellent excuses! Allow me to share some thoughts and photos from the first 3 days on the mountain. (more…)

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Man am I glad I wrote this post way back when: Oprah knows fashion, y’all.

If not, there’d be a good chance someone would spy the following post and waver for a moment while considering whether or not I’d previously mentioned an inclination toward religious cult-dom. Sistah Wives in the hizzy:

[Vintage dress from etsy + Diane von Furstenberg belt + Ugg Adirondack boots + Rebecca Taylor sweater + Luxury Divas hat + Gorjana turquoise pendant]

You may also notice this is a total homage to my most favorite post (still thinking about doing a 2010 recap, a month late), Winter Woodland Wonderland, which the kind folks at ShopBop slipped in their blog. (more…)

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Carey Wodehouse in Leyendecker Poncho

… it’s been real getting financially mutilated by your absurd property taxes! Time for a change of scenery…


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