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The 2008 vintage at Vista Hills has scored beautifully in the wine press. Jay Miller of the Wine Advocate scored the entire Pinot Noir lineup—7 wines ranging from 88 to 92 points, a stunning accomplishment. The Piedmont Pinot Noir, made from estate fruit under the supervision of winemaker Jim Sanders of La Cadeau, was the 88-point wine, and yes, the lowest scored wine of the lot. My first impulse was to head straight to it. Here is what I thought.



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We drank a lot of wine this summer—some great, but most good. For the first time in a while, I had little interest in taking risks. Schedules were insane and time was precious—my tolerance for sifting through bargain fails to find the occasional gem was fleeting at best. I found myself relying more on repeats and old favorites. When I ventured off the plantation, my flags were planted in New Zealand and Oregon and my pleasure receptors remained properly topped-off.

In the Pinot Noir category, 2 wines stood out as the best of the summer—and they happen to be neighbors.

And they are:

1. 2008 · Vista Hills · Rollins · Pinot Noir · Willamette Valley, OR
I am attempting to not sound like a wine shill while I offer yet another endorsement for a Vista Hills Pinot Noir. Because it’s fairly unusual for readers to hang on every review as it comes in, I am going to use this opportunity to recap. (more…)

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Special offer for C+C readers from Vista Hills—join the Treehouse Club and shipping is free on the first installment! [Check out our post from the vineyard here.]

Club members receive 3 shipments of 3 bottles per year (1 bottle of Pinot Gris/2 bottles of Pinot Noir). I opted for all Pinot Noir shipments. Because club wines are discounted, I find most wineries require a commitment of at least a case per year—I prefer the 9 bottle setup from VH immensely.

In the comments box of the club form let Ryan, the Tasting Room Manager, know that we sent you so you receive your free shipping.



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Today’s photo-taking has ranged from the super touristy to the inside of a Dairy Queen bathroom. Let’s see what we’ve got so far:


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